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Preconception Counseling 

Planning to add to the family sometime soon? Whether you're trying in the next couple months or next year, preconception counseling can help you with your planning goals. In this visit, your health status will be assessed and current recommendations will be offered to ensure the healthiest start to pregnancy. In addition, you'll take away key methods used to increase the probability of pregnancy in each cycle. 

Prenatal Care 

The health of you and baby are monitored with routinely scheduled visits throughout the pregnancy. Compared to standard obstetric care, there will be the same checkpoints like the anatomy ultrasound, lab tests, etc for preventative care. The difference is this model revolves around you and your individual experience, so prenatal visits are longer and personalized. 

Initial prenatal visit-->1 hour  vs standard 30 min 

Subsequent follow up prenatal visits--> 30 min vs standard 10-15min 

Labor & Birth 

Pregnancy due dates are generally based on a pregnancy lasting 40 weeks. Most babies are born around the due date but in general we know your little one can arrive up to 3 weeks prior or as late as 2 weeks after. As a result, the midwife will be on-call 24/7 the last 5 weeks of your pregnancy. 

Once in active labor, you will meet your midwife at Alta Bates Hospital, where the midwife maintains privileges. This means she will be the provider admitting you, writing your orders, and supporting you throughout the whole labor and birth process. In the case of emergent situations, the collaborating doctors are available for consultation or quick intervention. 

Postpartum Visits 

After the birth of your sweet mini person, the midwife will stay a few hours to ensure you both are transitioning well and assist with breastfeeding. The average hospital stay is 24-48hr for recovery. She will return each day to assess recovery and check-in on breastfeeding/bonding. 

Once discharged home, there will be a 2 week follow-up visit that can be scheduled in your home (for convenience) or at the office, and another followup up visit at 6 weeks.

Payment & Insurance 

Most insurance companies will pay for a portion of midwifery care, while some will pay for the total cost.  Please contact Jasmine to discuss your individual situation in more detail and make a plan that works for you.

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